Special Blessings Learning Center - Where every child is a special blessing.
About Our Center
 Quality Child Care Since 2004

No two children learn the same. At Special Blessings Learning Center, we recognize the unique capabilities and talents of our students. We are dedicated to providing high-quality child care for children ages 6 weeks to age 5, in a safe, engaging, play based learning environment. Through a variety of subjects such as math, language, reading and the sciences, our experienced and dedicated staff plan a day full of enriching and educational activities for your little one. Your child will have the opportunity to socialize with other children their age and learn new skills all while learning all about the world around them; all while having fun! 

Classes are kept to a lower student-teacher ratio and often fill up quickly. All of our teachers are First Aid/CPR certified and attend continuing education classes throughout the year. We take pride in the fact the we have a lower teacher turn over rate than many other centers in our area.

Special Blessings Learning Center also offers before and after school, holiday and summer care for your school aged child. In addition to before and after school transportation, our staff offers homework help though out the school year. During holidays and summer vacation, we plan fun field trips and many hands-on activities. Art projects and science experiments are a couple of our favorites. And of course we LOVE to cook! Who doesn't love to eat?  

You are encouraged to visit and/or volunteer at our daycare at any time. Feel free to call during the day to check on your child, stop in to view our monitors or to chat with any of our staff. Our doors are always open to our families.

Call us today to  schedule a tour! 

Hours of Operation
Special Blessings Learning Center Center is open from 
6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Monday through Friday, January through December.
Our center observes the following holidays and will be closed on these days:
New Year's Day          Memorial Day          4th of July         Labor Day    
                      Thanksgiving Day & Following Friday                      
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
 Student Curriculum
Special Blessings feels strongly about each child's educational experience. We feel that learning begins at birth and continues throughout each individuals lifetime. With that in mind, we have chosen the following Funshine Express curriculum for each class.
There is nothing more exciting that a baby's first year of life. High Reach Bright Baby curriculum incorporates three sets of age-appropriate activities that invite teacher's to talk, play, sing, move, sign, and read with your infant. Each set contains activities for infants 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months and incorporates both American Sign Language and yoga.
 Toddlers explore everything with boundless energy. Funshine Express:Buttercups curriculum for Toddlers encourages their sense of discovery  while building vocabulary, encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning. Every month you will receive a calendar telling you all about the activities your toddler will be participating in. Each week has a new set of vocabulary words that correspond with that week's learning theme.  
Curriculum for Twos 
 Constantly in motion, two year olds are determined to learn on their own. Funshine Express:Buttercups Curriculum for Twos provides a rich learning environment that helps them expand their vocabularies, find appropriate ways to express their creativity, and safely discover the world around them.
Curriculum for Threes & Fours
Funshine Express:Fireflies Curriculum for Three - Five builds on the preschoolers "I can do it!" attitude through integrated, hands-on activities. We use experimentation and exploration to build higher-level thinking, language, math, social, and motor skills with the fun and challenging learning experiences. Language, science, patterning, independent thinking, and creative expression are just a few of the skills learned in this age group.

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