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Mother Goose Curriculum

Research in neurobiology, behavioral science and social sciences have helped us better understand that relationships, cultures and environments dynamically influence a child’s development. As a result, each child grows and learns uniquely.Children construct knowledge as they play and explore.

Every Mother Goose Time activity and project integrates 2-3 skills from the domains of learning. Mother Goose Time uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills into playful games and discovery projects. This "theme" model supports a child’s on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.


Themes help preschoolers construct knowledge and build connections through real experiences. Instead of having a day of disjointed activities, themes organize new information around a unified context, which results in a growing web of knowledge.

Each theme creatively integrates colors, shapes, numbers and letters of the month. Monthly themes invite children to explore new ideas with an interdisciplinary, multi-sensory approach. Mother Goose Time uses music, art, dramatic play, storytelling, games, books and experiments to ignite imagination and bring the theme to life in four weeks of wonder. All activities and assessment materials are aligned with early learning standards.

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Preschool Bears

Teachers: Miss Hali & Mrs. Barbara

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Preschool Bears Welcome

Daily Room Schedule

Preschool Bears Parent Handouts Information

2018 Curriculum Family Information Guide

Developmental Continuum of Skills

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